My First MUN experience

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My university held an MUN aka Model United Nations last saturday, Since MUN was a very new thing to me, therefore I took the first opportunity despite of my really bad public speaking and anxiety! Since being a Diplomat or working in United Nations has been my dream so I feel like walking into a UN conference came somewhat true! Since we can’t choose what country we want to represent which means we will get it randomly, I got Syria as the country that I will represent. Since the system is Double Delegation.. This is my partner that will represent Syria.

This is my partner Rayi. (ps: I am that one who is holding Syria’s flag)

First we were told to stand up to pay respect to United Nations’ anthem, I didn’t know United Nations has their own anthem. Pft, Don’t judge! It’s my first time, So much things that I don’t know.


The topic was about “The Involvement Of Child Soldiers In Armed Conflicts”, I knew Syria played a big part of this crisis because Syria itself is in a big crisis since 2011 until now and Syria is still using child soldiers, Out of desperation of course. Syria’s goverment is obviously against child soldiers. 

My friend Rayi did so well, She is in the GSL(General Speaker List) for like two times or 3 times I don’t really remember much. I can’t do what she did thought, I have a major anxiety where I can’t talk in front of a big audience. I’m just too scared. But the next time I join MUN again, I will make sure that I will be a lot better and improving. 


For me, This experience was really scary, fun, yet challenging.  But however, I enjoyed it anyway. It gives me more knowledges about world’s crisis. I mean, You will just sit down with a lot of thoughts in your mind and solve worldly problems in a conference room. Isn’t that sounds fun yet challenging? Therefore I believe that everyone should do themselves a favour and participate in a MUN. You will crave more!


Good day,


Hello July & New Sugar Gliders

𝓗𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓸 𝓙𝓾𝓵𝔂..

After a long and tough journey I am finally back! I know it’s been a year since I last wrote, but I’m glad that I am here to meet July again for the 19th time. Last month was tough, but hey Welcome July! I hope this month is full of joy and happiness for me and everyone else. I was having a tough time until around 2 months ago when i got myself some new pets. They have been keeping me company and making me happy, they are called Sugar Gliders! Before I knew about sugar gliders I was surfing on my Instagram and I stumbled upon some cute photos, I knew then that i needed to get myself these small cute fluff balls. So I browsed what kind of animal they were, and poof! I found out they were called Sugar Gliders! However before i could get my Suggies I needed to learn about the correct way to take care of them, turns out it’s actually not that hard! The most important steps you need to know are to build a strong bond with your Suggies, never let them get hungry and always keep their cage clean. I search through google to see if anyone was selling Sugar Gliders in my area and it turns out there are actually a lot of people selling them for around $24.35-$27.83. So I decided to buy two, both are females. I named the first Lucy and the second Misty, Here are a few pictures of my new babies.


IMG_1144This is Misty

IMG_0799 this is Lucy, The one who’s looking at the camera.

How do i differentiate between the two? Well, Lucy is a lot bigger (fatter) than misty even though they were born on the same date, but maybe Lucy is just greedy. Their faces are also different in a cute way, Let me show you!


                                           Lucy                                                       Misty

Get it now? They’re cute, I know!

So, what did you do last months? Did you have fun Celebrating Eid or go to the beach with your family, maybe you were just chilling at home? either way I hope you had a nice holiday and I hope you are all well!

Happy New Year 2017!


I’m writing this blog as the clock hits 12:15 AM. And I am here to say happy new year 2017! Start this 2017 by sharing kindness and happiness! Hope you all having a good day and have a nice holiday trip.

Well, That’s all I’m going to say. Don’t forget to smile and do good things! Everyone deserves happiness! xoxo

A Blessing Birthday


So, My birthday was on 10 December, I was feeling a bit gloomy, I feel a bit lonely because my family seems busy with themselves and forget my birthday. Even my family was outside in the mall with the others and I’m home. And suddenly when they come back home, They wish me birthday and my dad told me we will celebrate my birthday tomorrow. I feel excited because I thought they completely forgot my birthday. So, We took a little trip to Jakarta to celebrate my 18th birthday. We stayed at Le Méridien Jakarta which is located at Jendral Sudirman street, Central Jakarta. This hotel is my dad’s favorite place to stay, It was so comfortable and tranquil than you could ever imagine, I can see why this hotel is my dad’s favorite place to stay.

So basically, Dad bought an Oreo birthday cake. Which is my favorite.


The package


The yummy cake!

My dad bought this cake from Colette & Lola , The cake is really tasty and it has a soft texture! We all finished the cake in just a minute. This cake is called “This Is Not An Oreo Cake








And the next day I came home, I saw this..


I don’t really saw it though, I just saw it for a second then I casually walk inside my house. I put my things on the table then all of my friends pop out of the kitchen and sing me a happy birthday song. I was like, Crying in joy. My eyes were watering. Because I don’t know my friends would do that, It’s very unexpected. It made me happy.


This is the gift cindy gave to me as my birthday present.

Those in the picture are my best friends, They’re Cindy, Andra, Oliv and Mela.

Thanks to my family, and my bestfriends for making my birthday day so bright! I’m so blessed to have you all in my life.

Hope you’re having a beautiful holiday, Stay happy and cheerful!